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We teamed up with the National Center for Family Philanthropy to develop the following complimentary cases, both written and video, highlighting specific program elements and giving advice from foundations who have participated in Youth Philanthropy Connect. These cases and videos can be used for board or youth discussions, like an’a la carte’ menu for developing your youth or next gen board, or to simply inspire you about how smart young philanthropically minded youth can be!


Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation

Located in: Studio City, California, with family geographically dispersed

Mission:  To maximize the potential of children and youth in Los Angeles and Santa Clara County. Youth Philanthropy Connect is a special project of the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation.

Printable Case Study

Video Profile


The Lumpkin Family Foundation

Located in: Mattoon, Illinois, with family geographically dispersed

Mission:  We support people pursuing innovation and long-lasting improvements in the environment, health, education, and community access to the arts. The Lumpkin Family Foundation is a founding partner of Youth Philanthropy Connect.

Printable Case Study

Video Case Study


Tarsadia Foundation

Located in: Newport Beach, California

Mission: The Tarsadia Foundation supports non-profit organizations with programs and projects that provide educational opportunities for the underserved, support health and well-being of the community, and assist to employ the employable through economic empowerment. The Tarsadia Foundation is a founding partner of Youth Philanthropy Connect.

Printable Case Study

Video Profile


Tracy Family Foundation

Located in: Mt. Sterling, Illinois, with family geographically dispersed

Mission: To provide resources to organizations that foster the values of Robert and Dorothy Tracy—a Catholic/Christian belief, honesty, integrity, fairness, and a strong work ethic. The Foundation seeks to proactively strengthen Brown County in Illinois and the surrounding Region by investing in the education, youth, families, and capacity of these communities. The Foundation is also a vehicle for developing a philanthropic spirit among Tracy family members.

Printable Case Study


The Lawrence Welk Family Foundation

Located in: Santa Monica, California, with family geographically dispersed

Mission: We award grants to nonprofit organizations serving children and families living in poverty in three Southern California neighborhoods. In addition, a small portion of our funding goes to nonprofits promoting youth and family philanthropy.

Printable Case Study

Video Case Study


phish: A Program of the Dekko Foundation

Located in: Kendallville, Indiana

History of Youth Engagement: The idea for Youth Pods started in the 1990s, when a staff member went to a family philanthropy conference and learned about youth philanthropy initiatives. With no Dekko family members at the right age, the Dekko Foundation looked to the Michigan Community Foundation Youth Advisory Council model to develop youth philanthropy in the communities it serves. They partnered with the local community foundation as the fiscal agent and schools to recruit students and help run the program. The first of what they call “Youth Pods” was started in 1994 in Noble County, Indiana. There are now 13 Youth Pods in four states.

Printable Case Study

Video Case Study


Greater Worcester Community Foundation

Located in: Worcester, Massachusetts

History of Youth Engagement: As a way to support the voice of youth in the community and engage donors, the Great Worcester Community Foundation adopted the Youth for Community Involvement (YCI) Program in 1999. YCI provides an opportunity for youth from schools across the area to build skills in leadership and philanthropy. The foundation set up a youth endowment to support the program and contracts with a youth development consultant to run the program. In the past, youth have helped fundraise for this endowment.

Printable Case Study


Andrus Family Fund

Located in: New York, New York, with family geographically dispersed

History of Youth Engagement: The Surdna Foundation is one of the oldest and largest family foundations in the United States. In addition to the Surdna Foundation, the Andrus family founded four other charitable institutions. Early on, the family established a tradition of board service that enabled trustees appointed to the Surdna board to sit on the boards of the family’s other charitable institutions. In 1998, the fourth-generation trustees of the Surdna Foundation began thinking about how to include more family members in philanthropic work. They wanted to create a way to encourage participation by members from different branches of the family to participate, so in February 2000, they inaugurated the Andrus Family Philanthropy Program (AFPP).

Printable Case Study

feature-MetroWest-youth-in-philanthropy.jpg_1857320723 (1)

The Foundation for MetroWest

Located in: Natick, Massachusetts

History of Youth Engagement: The Foundation for MetroWest has been committed to educating the next generation of community leaders through the Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) program since 1997. In that time, over 900 youth from MetroWest communities have funded nearly $700,000 in grants that support youth. This next gen case study describes their history of youth engagement and programming, and new strategies they are pursuing to engage youth in the communities they serve.

Printable Case Study


The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

Located in: Atlanta, Georgia, serving the metropolitan Atlanta region, consisting of 23 counties

History of Youth Engagement: In 2001, The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta launched the Center for Family Philanthropy. The focus of the Center was two-fold: (1) to provide a higher level of services to philanthropists with donor advised funds of $250,000 or more, or a planned gift of $1M or more; and (2) to engage donors with families in philanthropy. There are approximately 200 donor members of the Center. This next gen case study describes their history of youth initiatives, and current youth engagement strategies used by the foundation to connect with youth in the communities they serve.

Printable Case Studies

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 1.02.58 PM

The Philadelphia Foundation

Located in: Philadelphia, PA

History of Youth Engagement: YOUTHadelphia is a unique youth philanthropy model, with a defined focus on mentoring among the cohort of youth, centered around the fact that newer youth are mentored by returning youth committee members. Meeting in a board room can feel quite corporate, so each cohort sets a youth-friendly time and environment, and holds a dedicated group session on race and class issues, before starting the grant process. This has encouraged thoughtful conversations among youth across many backgrounds!

Printable Case Study

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