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The Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation believes foundations have a responsibility that goes beyond simple compliance with federal and state laws. We believe that achieving success requires transparency and accountability. Therefore The Foundation makes the building of strong, open relationships central to our process.

We want to make sure:

  • The conduct of board, staff, members and volunteers is legal and honorable.
  • The Foundation’s financial assets are invested at a reasonable balance of risk and reward.
  • The nonfinancial assets of The Foundation are invested to bring about high social returns on investment.
  • The Foundation’s activities are aligned with members’ vision and values and needs of the community.
  • That people outside the organization can provide feedback.

Following are some ways we are currently working on our accountability and transparency. We welcome your suggestions for more.

  • Filing our 990PF and our California state tax returns. The 990PF is available at or by request.
  • Surveying grant-seekers opinions on their experiences with the grantmaking process through our online grant system. If you have feedback at any other time, please do not hesitate to email or call us.
  • Maintaining a Whistleblower policy that encourages disclosure of inappropriate behavior.
  • Maintaining a Conflict of Interest policy that requires all trustees, staff and committee members to disclose potential conflicts before taking on responsibilities.
  • Considering our vision and strategy periodically. Our strategic plan which was finalized in late 2014 is available for review here.
  • Updating our website several times per month and providing updates through grant alerts of new opportunities.
  • Convening members of the various areas we are focusing in-person. In the past, this has been in environmental education and currently in youth philanthropy.
  • Involving independent (community) members in grantmaking and policy making. Of the seven current board members, three are non-family members and two of the Junior Boards are also non-family.

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