Education by Nature (ExN) is a collaborative education model that enables multiple nonprofit service providers to work with schools in a coordinated way.

Nonprofits provide their educational programs just as they always have, but leverage their programs with other partners in the community to achieve greater impact.

The model is currently implemented in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and statewide throughout California through the California Department of Education's CREEC Network, a project of the STEM Office. It is coming soon to Hawaii(on Oahu) and Massachusetts (SciencebyConnections), launching for academic 2014-2015.

Learn how you can use this highly adaptable, open source model, to harness the power of all the informal education sector resources you have in your city, county, region or state!

Teachers enjoy easy access to coordinated, standards-based enrichment programs and field trips from multiple service providers through one easy-to-use website, searchable by grade level and content standards.

Nonprofits spend less time marketing their services and seeking grants to fund their programs, while achieving greater impact on student performance and number of students served.

Funders can support larger projects and evaluation studies, with greater impact and accountability.

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The Environmental Education Funders Collaborative (EEFC) has provided integrated and coordinated support for the Bay Area model. Each funder contributes time, talent, and funding for components of the project, including a major evaluation study of the Mountain View Whisman School District implementation, funded by S.D. Bechtel Jr. Foundation; an upgraded online platform funded by the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation; and development of a discounted transportation fund by an EEFC committee led by The Michael Lee Foundation.

The California Department of Education Office of STEM Education has adopted the Education by Nature platform for its California Regional Environmental Education Community (CREEC) Network. Visit Us on!