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One of the major youth engagement strategies used by the Frieda C. Fox Family foundation and other foundations who have participated in Youth Philanthropy Connect is the creation of a ‘Next Gen’ or ‘Junior’ Board that acts as a grantmaking committee or even as a “foundation-within-a-foundation.”

Youth Philanthropy Connect teamed up with The National Center for Family Philanthropy to share best practices and factors to consider when creating or strengthening a Next Gen Board. You can read our comprehensive Issue Brief on Next Gen Boards, entitled ‘Igniting the Spark: Creating Effective Next Generation Boards’ here.

Igniting the Spark features stories of families who have found successful ways to engage youth in family philanthropy and provides a variety of tools and resources available to families and foundations interested in creating or evolving their next generation work. ‘Igniting the Spark’ is supplemented by case studies of foundations using next gen boards and other approaches for engaging youth in philanthropy. Throughout both resources, the voices of next gen donors describe what works — and what doesn’t — providing family members and staff with guidance and insights new to the field.

To view these and additional resources through the National Center for Family Philanthropy click here.

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