Our guiding principles and family foundation culture are summarized by our values, practiced each day in our activities and our dealings with the community:

Learning Skills
  • A strong and effective learning environment encourages dialogue, a sense of inquiry, and a self-driven quest for knowledge.
  • All of our daily interactions provide opportunities to learn and to teach.
  • We believe in promoting a love of learning and enhancing children’s learning skills.
Talent and Creativity
  • All children have individual talents to be encouraged and fostered.
  • We believe in the importance of education both inside and outside the classroom.
  • We value children and support their self-expression within the broad spectrum of the arts.
Healthy Environments for Children
  • Children benefit from a healthy environment that encourages them to grow, play, and learn.
  • A child who has a positive sense of self-esteem will tend to make pro-social, healthy life choices.
  • We value children understanding their own importance as individuals and as participants in their families and community.
  • We value the process whereby children succeed at a challenge, and go beyond their self-imposed limits, or those imposed upon them.
  • We appreciate the diversity of human talent.
  • We believe that children benefit when they value ethnic and cultural diversity.
  • We believe in the universal benefit of people helping each other.
  • We value the role of non-profits in helping to make a difference.
  • We encourage and model individual, personal responsibility.
Impact and Effectiveness
  • We value highly leveraged opportunities that produce the most positive impact for the community and society.
  • We value the right effort, being put in the right place, at the right time, to obtain exceptional results with maximum efficiency.

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