If you are a new to our site, click here and then the button “Create a New Account.”  This will start the guided process to establish an account for your organization.

If you have applied to us before, simply click “Log On” on the Grant Management page. It will prompt you if you have forgotten your password.

Once logged in, click on the link on the top left for “Apply.”  and complete or submit your Letter of Introduction. Please remember to SAVE YOUR WORK at least every 30 minutes.  Some of our grant applicants find it helpful to work on their responses in a word document and then copy and paste them into the online form.

We ask for all of your documents in electronic form. This allows us to eliminate copy and postage, making the process nearly carbon free. It also allows us to share the information with committee members across the country nearly instantaneously, which ensures the speediest possible decision for you.  If your documents are not electronic, our online system gives you the option to “Fax to File” which means it will give you a fax number to send your documents to and then will provide them in an electronic form you can save and upload to your application.

After you have sent your Letter of Introduction or Registered for Grant Alerts, you can log back in at anytime.

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