As a part of the annual Youth Philanthropy Connect conference, our partner foundations and corporate funders have generously provided a limited pool of grant funding. These grants have been awarded as a part of a competitive grants process to support projects lifting up youth in their work or the mission of the organization or developing youth leadership. These grants recognize and support the leadership and important projects of the dedicated youth working to enhance their communities and causes. To support the Mini Grants process, Foundant Technologies has donated a special online site for us to review our Mini-Grant applications online. Thank you for your continued support of youth philanthropy, Foundant!

In 2015, at our regional gatherings across the country, we supported nonprofits in the communities of each gathering.  To learn more, please visit the pages for each gathering:

In 2014, youth attending the conference awarded $3,500 in grant funds to five nonprofit youth board applicants. The youth from the nonprofits came to talk about their work and projects during the conference on Nonprofit Day. Thank you to Bright Prospect, The Children’s Nature Institute, Hands for Hope, Venice Arts, and Youth Speak Collective for applying to our Giving Circle, engaging youth, and joining us on Nonprofit Day!

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