Spring Break Road Trip with my brother and sister almost 20 years ago!

With Spring Break behind us, making plans for the end of the school year and summer is in full effect…and we want YOU to know about YOUTH PHILANTRHOPY ON THE ROAD!  This summer and fall, we are mixing the best parts of a road trip with the experience of giving back and learning more about philanthropy.  Come join us for one or more of the regional gatherings from Texas to Williamsburg to NYC to Indianapolis to Seattle!

Growing up, one of my beloved traditions was family road trips.   Whether they were to visit family, see something cool, or to explore a new city or area of nature, they were always a unique opportunity to have fun (with a little dys-fun-ction thrown in for good measure) with my loved ones and experience or learn something together!

In recent discussions with young people ages 8-21 involved in grantmaking, we heard about the following things they love in a good road trip:

  • Learning to read a map!Youth from a previous YPC Conference
  • Hearing random and funny stories about the people or places we visit!
  • Listening to favorite or new music–and singing along LOUD (and likely with the wrong words!)
  • Finding a unique treasure from the places visited–a shell or rock, a sticker, a t-shirt (you get the idea!)
  • Making lasting memories…and good stories to share from the trip!

So, building on these best elements of a road trip, we have been planning an epic one across the U.S. to visit and connect with youth philanthropists and the adults supporting them.  We will have five stops on the trip and would love to have YOU join us at one or more of them:

These mini intergenerational conferences lasting 1 to 3 days are a chance for YOUTH, families, and foundations from the various regions to learn from each other and from local and national experts about engaging youth in philanthropy through grantmaking. The program is geared toward families with children/grandchildren ages 8-21 and youth philanthropy programs serving students in middle school, high school, or college and their adult advisors.  The youth attending the conference will have the hands-on experience of grant-making and will grant a total $5,000 to local nonprofits by the end of the conference.

To make sure we have a successful and memorable Road Trip, we are working with a local planning team (youth+adults) to plan the following for each stop:

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  • Meet and learn from super cool, interesting, and motivated other young people, families, and foundations that care about giving voice AND money to young people to lead social change;
  • Connect with local and national experts on important youth grantmaking topics;
  • Experience something unique and local in each location—museums, local attractions, and more;
  • Learn about local needs and nonprofits who help solve them through a collaborative grantmaking experience; and
  • Have fun with philanthropy-related icebreakers, a custom music playlist, and a road-trip ready backpack and computer stickers!

We hope you plan to join us for the best Road Trip of 2015: YOUTH PHILANTHROPY ON THE ROAD!

If you would like to find out more about any of the regional conferences or would like to talk youth philanthropy or grantmaking, I’m happy to connect at [email protected]!  We know that youth involved at a young age in youth grantmaking, develop vital personal and professional skills that last a lifetime.  Join us in learning about and supporting the growing a movement of youth who are passionate about social change and know how to take action!

AnnieAnnie Hernandez, Ph.D., is the Executive Director of the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation based in Studio City, CA and leads its special national program, Youth Philanthropy Connect.


About Youth Philanthropy Connect

Youth Philanthropy Connect (YPC), a special project of the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation, is a youth-led, new and exciting way for youth involved in philanthropic work to connect and learn through a peer network. YPC connects youth engaged in philanthropy with their peers and colleagues, and provides educational programs and peer networks that advance youth involvement in philanthropy and develop the personal and professional skills of the next generation philanthropic leaders.  Learn more at www.youthphilanthropyconnect.org.