The View from the Registration Desk: A Staff Member’s Reflection on YPC 2016

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Youth Philanthropy Connect (YPC) is a special project of the Frieda C. Fox foundation, dedicated to connecting and empowering youth philanthropists across the country…and increasingly the world!  YPC held a three-day conference at Disneyland Resort on July 7th-9th. Youth ages 8-21 and the adults who support them gathered from all over the country from family [...]

Road Trip- Philanthropy Style!

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With Spring Break behind us, making plans for the end of the school year and summer is in full effect...and we want YOU to know about YOUTH PHILANTRHOPY ON THE ROAD!  This summer and fall, we are mixing the best parts of a road trip with the experience of giving back and learning more about [...]

LETTING YOUTH LEAD THE WAY: News About Youth Philanthropy

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Teen Philanthropy Cafe: We recently released the first reader of a series as a part of our partnership with Exponent Philanthropy.  The rest of the series will be published soon.  The readers introduce young people to strategic, thoughtful philanthropy, and inspire them towards giving with impact. Families and adults who work with youth can use [...]

Scanning the Landscape of Youth Philanthropy

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Scanning the Landscape of Youth Philanthropy: Our partners at the Foundation Center recently released a scan of youth philanthropy across the nation.  The report includes a review of the in-depth needs and story of youth grantmaking.  Read more here.

Weaving A Web in Action

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Annie and Katie co-wrote an article, “Weaving A Web in Action” for the National Center for Family Philanthropy’s Family Giving News Blog on Youth Philanthropy Connect’s 2014 Conference. Read the blog post!

4th Annual Youth Philanthropy Connect Conference

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Philanthropic Youth from Across America Gather for the 4th Annual Youth Philanthropy Connect Conference Youth Philanthropy Connect (YPC) started out as a simple idea: the meeting of philanthropically minded youth to learn from and connect with each other. Now, the YPC Youth Leadership Team and staff are putting the finishing touches on their upcoming 4th [...]

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