Meet Ashley Deutser: Promoting Youth Involvement Before YPC

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Ashley Deutser has always felt passionate about empowering youth. Two years ago when Youth Philanthropy Connect partnered with the Greater Houston Community Foundation for its Southwest Gathering, Deutser was part of a group of youth philanthropists from Houston who helped planned the conference. She has since planned several youth events with the Greater Houston Community [...]

Meet Alexis Elder: A Texan with a Passion for Service Work

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As a junior in high school, Alexis Elder didn’t understand what the word “philanthropy” meant. Now a sophomore at the University of North Carolina, a member of Youth Philanthropy Connect’s Leadership Team, alumnus of Youth in Philanthropy, and a recent intern at the Greater Houston Community Foundation, Elder has an expert understanding of what “philanthropy” [...]

Meet Raquel Barajas: Celebrating Cultures and Breaking Barriers

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Raquel Barajas posed the question: “You know how people become afraid of things that aren’t similar to them so that causes a lot of anger and aggression?” The youth philanthropist from San Francisco plans on changing this cultural flaw plaguing public schools, which leads to widespread bullying and discrimination. She has already started the great [...]

Meet Dhruv Patel: A Traveling Giver

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“Why not take the opportunity?” That is what Dhruv Patel asked himself when a family member asked him to get engaged with the Youth Philanthropy Connect’s (YPC) Leadership Team. An 8th grader at Fairmont Private School, Patel has been a member of the Tarsadia Foundation’s Youth Board since 2009. The Tarsadia Foundation was established in 1999 [...]

LETTING YOUTH LEAD THE WAY: News About Youth Philanthropy

By |2015-04-16T15:56:04+00:00March 13th, 2015|

Teen Philanthropy Cafe: We recently released the first reader of a series as a part of our partnership with Exponent Philanthropy.  The rest of the series will be published soon.  The readers introduce young people to strategic, thoughtful philanthropy, and inspire them towards giving with impact. Families and adults who work with youth can use [...]

Interview with Philanthrogeek xChange

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Annie gave an interview with Philanthrogeek xChange on Youth Philanthropy Connect and our work in the field of youth philanthropy. Listen to the full interview!

Engaging Boston’s Youth Philanthropy

By |2015-04-13T20:28:40+00:00May 10th, 2014|

On May 10, Youth Philanthropy Connect held a Gathering in Boston for families who are or want to engage children ages 8-21 in philanthropy. This interactive session highlighted Boston’s youth philanthropy work, as well as provided a unique opportunity for youth, families, and foundations in attendance to meet one another, share models of youth philanthropy, [...]

Grantmakers For Effective Organizations (GEO) Conference

By |2015-04-13T20:26:16+00:00March 10th, 2014|

Annie and Alexis attended the Grantmakers For Effective Organizations (GEO) conference in Hollywood March 10-12. FCF is a member of GEO and enjoyed learning about evaluating networks like YPC, hearing about technology tools for collaboration, and exploring design thinking principles. Annie wrote a blog post about her experience with the GEO Ambassador program. Click [...]

Welcome back Nancy Miller

By |2015-04-13T20:20:34+00:00March 2nd, 2014|

On March 2, 2014, the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation welcomed Nancy Miller back as a trustee. Nancy has a rich history of work with Alan Fox and the Foundation over the years and brings a terrific strategic and innovative mind to our team! Welcome Nancy!

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