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“As young philanthropists, we want to maximize our efforts by building on our elder’s contributions of past philanthropy while applying a level of innovation to our philanthropic gifts.”

Youth Philanthropy Connect (YPC) is a youth-led, new, and exciting way for youth involved in philanthropic work to connect and learn through a peer network. This special project of the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation connects youth boards with their peers and colleagues, and provides educational programs and peer networks that advance youth involvement in philanthropy and develop the personal and professional skills of the next generation of philanthropic leaders.

In 2015, YPC partnered with youth philanthropy advocates across the U.S. to host five, day-long regional events in the Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, and Midwest in lieu of our national conference which returns again this year!  These will provide a way to reach new and connect with existing youth philanthropy audiences and expand youth grant-making educational programming.

We seek to provide tools and resources in conjunction with this network.  With our partners, we have been developing and collaborating on key tools for the youth engaged in philanthropy.  As well, we are excited to learn more about the needs and opportunities we can leverage to best serve these youth, their advisers, parents, and program leaders.  If you are interested in exploring our work, furthering your engagement with youth philanthropy, or just getting started as a youth or engaging youth, there are many ways to engage with us:

Youth Philanthropists at Disneyland for YPC’s 2012 Conference

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